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Why is my email address already in use

You may have used the SyncFix website in the past to purchase another one of our products. At the very bottom of the website, there is a link titled “Lost your password?“.
Use this to have a password reset notice sent to your email address and regain access to your account.

Do you charge GST


SyncFix is an Australian business, but is currently not required to be registered for GST. All Australian and International sales at this stage are GST Free.

Why has the price gone up?

All products are released at 50% off for the first 1 to 4 weeks to encourage a quick uptake and as a compensation just in case there are bugs with the first edition.

Once the release week or month has elapsed, normal pricing is resumed and bulk purchase discounts are offered instead.

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Why does Internet Explorer and Windows 8/10 report this file as Unsafe

Newer versions of Windows IE, using their new ‘SmartScreen’, falsely assert that this file could harm your computer because ‘it is not commonly downloaded’. This is known as a ‘false positive’.
This is because we are a small software vendor, other small developers report the same problem and Microsoft offers no remedy to correct this false report. No other browser including FireFox, Safari, or Chrome report this to be a problem.

Feel free to download the file and scan it with your own antivirus scanner if you wish to manually check it.

To bypass the filter for Windows 8;

  1. Click More Information.
  2. Click Run Anyway

To bypass the filter fir Internet Explorer;

  1. Click View Downloads or press ctrl + J to show the downloads window.
  2. Click More Options next to the downloaded file.
  3. Click Run anyway

Can I use SyncFix with my account?

Unfortunately not. SyncFix simply bypasses the “No supported version of Microsoft Outlook found” error that Google Apps Sync normally gives when installing on Outlook 2016 or Windows 10, then applies a series of fixes to get Google Apps Sync working on the latest versions of Office and Windows. Since Google Apps Sync for Outlook only works on Google Apps for Work accounts, free addresses are not supported.

Can I use SyncFix with Google Apps Free (Legacy) accounts?

Unfortunately not. SyncFix simply gets Google Apps Sync working with Outlook 2016 and/or Windows 10. You still need to meet the minimum requirements for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

This means you must have a paid Google Apps for Work subscription or Google Apps for Education.

Can I add more than one account to Outlook with SyncFix?

The only supported way to do this with SyncFix is to add your second account as an IMAP account. Account Delegation does not work. However, I am investigating methods to get Delegation working too and will post an update when it is available.

How do I uninstall SyncFix?

SyncFix is a RunOnce tool. This means it runs, creates the profile then finishes, leaving nothing permanently on your computer.

There may be a few log files in your users appdata folder, but these are just text files and you can delete them manually.

If you want to uninstall Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, you may do so from Windows’ Add/Remove programs.