SyncFix for Office 2016!

When Outlook 2013 was released, it took around a year for Google to release official support.

If you try to install Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10 or with Outlook 2016, you will get the error “No supported version of Microsoft Outlook found” if you get an error at all. SyncFix bypasses the checks that Google Apps Sync normally performs for a supported version of Outlook and applies the appropriate patches to get Google Apps Sync working yet again.

But now there’s no need to wait any longer. GetĀ Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook forĀ Outlook 2016 working NOW!
You may have just purchased Office 2016 or you may have an Office 365 subscription and it automatically upgraded Outlook for you and now Google Apps Sync no longer works. Well see how easy it is to get back up and running with the following video.